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~READ PDF ☫ Weird Pennsylvania (Weird) ♬ Popular EPub, Weird Pennsylvania Weird By Matt Lake This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Weird Pennsylvania Weird , Essay By Matt Lake Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You There was a decent mix of places things I already knew about born and raised in PA and also places I ve never heard of I wish the section on weird roadside advertising wasn t quite so long and that the cemetery and paranormal sections were a bit longer though, because there s plenty of those I know of that weren t included and seem a bit interesting or at least evidenced than some that were included Also wish there wasn t so much focus on the Philadelphia area Trust me, there s lots of legends, ghosts, stories, etc in PA that don t revolve around Philly. According to this book, Pennsylvania contains many portals to hell which apparently are pretty difficult to find Having grown up in Pennsylvania I would not admit this but sadly there is too much evidence to support it , I have to say I agree and there are several portals that the Author has not considered, one of which was the main entrance to my high school Seriously If you don t believe me, you can just grab any of my yearbooks and read through the many references my friends wrote inside Some of us are still trying to get the smell of sulphur out of our hair.Okay, slight joking aside, this is definitely a weird book I have been to Gravity Hill and I have also been to Roadside America The shoe house used to capture my imagination as a kid There were a few things that made me smile as I was reminded of my past in a location I would not have chosen myself if I d had any control over my life This takes some work, I have to tell you There are enough things missing that they should definitely make a sequel I d help, but the flashbacks would require decades of therapy to work through. With blessings from the creators of Weird NJ, a Brit and current resident of the Keystone State was chosen to chronicle the weirdness of NJ s neighbor state He had plenty of bizarre legends, roadside oddities, and mysteries to make a very funny book. First, there was Weird New Jersey But we Pa residents knew that our local tales and legends could rival any Pine Barrens camper s story about the Jersey Devil As if to confirm this, the Weird team assembled Pennsylvania s most memorable quirks in a most entertaining book The books covers oddities, legends, rumors, monsters, aliens, gates to hell, ghosts Pa is big, but who knew there was room for all this crazy stuff Reading this book will have you itching for a road trip return return Featured people and places get the personal touch through brief personal accounts from those who ve been there Some accounts sound reliable than others, but it s left up to the reader to make judgments return return My edition is a few years old, and some things are a little out of date, most notably the deserted mental hospital known as Byberry is now torn down to make way for condos But the piece on its sordid history is a good account of how spooky the place was, and how it became a mecca for the homeless and urban explorers return return For those who love reading about weird stuff, or for Pennsylvania residents who will cackle at recognition of local oddities, this book is sure to please. Fun, a lot of places I recognized which was enjoyable Also a lot of unnecessary sensationalism but that s to be expected At first, I wasn t sure what to make of this book The short, choppy bits of text written by different authors and grouped loosely around generic topics without many transitions were a little off putting to me, until I changed my perspective a bit I had to force myself out of my typical book reading mindset you know, looking for a beginning, middle, and end, and some sort of coherent plot line argument , and pretend I was reading a giant scrapbook Once I got the hang of this new outlook, I enjoyed the book a lot While it has a healthy dose of haunting monster serial killer related weirdness, it also presents a lot of non threatening yet fascinating oddities as well cool museums art installations, giant fiberglass Amish people, odd shaped buildings, unique state parks I m already planning trips to the Mercer Museum and Ringing Rocks Park for the summer Overall, this was a fun, silly, entertaining way to learn some of the history and folklore of my current state of residence. I really wanted this to be a fun book Sadly, it was vague, repetitive, and dull It was like reading a self published book of ghost stories that you get in a gift shop at a crappy local museum The photos don t have captions There are no maps It s poorly organized and needs a decent index The stories have so little detail, you wouldn t be able to FIND any of the places described If I was intrigued by any of the stories, I d have to go research somewhere else for the full story There are NO citations Half the book looks like it was submitted over e mail My brother s cousin s grandfather once saw a floating orb over Doylestown I used to like ghost stories, then I graduated the third grade. Review title April Fool s roadtripThis coffee table book is perfect for taking an April Fool s road trip from your armchair No need to head north for me back to PA where I m from to experience these roadside oddities After all, its only April 1, and it could still be snowing somewhere in PA, especially the western part of the state where I grew up Two problems with books like this 1 Manufactured weirdness, courtesy of publishers in search of an audience or local visitors bureaus in search of a tourist, aren t at all interesting to armchair travelers While tongue in cheek about it, Weird Pennsylvania has than its share of pages of fluff I just flipped through.2 The information quickly gets out of date and can be better addressed through a web site However this web site doesn t have as much updating as I would expect Roadside America s signature website appears to be actively updated Still, as a Pennsylvania native who spent most of his first 40 years there, and only moved south to follow my job and found I like the weather here better , I passed a few hours reintroducing myself to the oddness of home It felt right. I love the Weird Books I wanted to love this one as well, but the book was as boring and dry as driving through the state on Interstate 81 Is it the state that s boring or is it the authors writing about the state I m going with the author on this one because I can t believe the entire state of Pennsylvania is made up of satanic cults, the amish, various tidbits about the quakers, coal, and William Penn The little sidebits written in by people of have sent in the stories Most of them have satanic cults on the mind Not a one of them had a clear thought between them I m sorry to say you would get better stories sitting around a boy scout campfire.