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When I first began reading this book, I didn t think much of it I kept wondering to myself Where is this going How is everything connected I started to worry that maybe I was wasting my time, but then all the pieces started to fit together and I started to really enjoy reading it There were many pieces of the puzzle that, at first, were so disjointed and didn t really go anywhere, but then they all came together and made a beautiful picture, which is what I look for in the end of a great story such as this This book really surprised me It was a truly heartwarming and enjoyable story. For years my mother has been suggesting that I read Fannie Flagg s writing and I just never got around to it Then one day I was watching some old episodes of Match Game on the Game Show Network and I realized there she was Fannie Flagg herself I remembered watching her on that show as a child in the 1970s but I never connected her with the renowned author of today So this is when I decided to pick up the copy of Welcome to the World, Baby Girl that my mom had lent me several years ago And Mom was right, I LOVED IT This is the story of Dena Nordstrom Baby Girl , a young and upcoming 1970s TV interviewer whose failing health leads her to seek answers about her mysterious family history In her search for the past, Dena learned many important life lessons the value of loyalty, privacy, family and lovethe importance of slowing down to enjoy life.Fannie Flagg certainly does create entertainingly real characters and paints a charming portrait of life in small town USA in this case Elmwood Springs, Missouri as well as in other parts of the world San Francisco, Vienna, New York, etc But in the context of light hearted prose, Ms Flagg also makes important and powerful social commentary about subjects such as racism, media and fame as a whole.I am looking forward to reading Ms Flagg s other novels. Sometimes I think I might be too generous with my fives Found myself liking this better and better until I did not want it to end She made me laugh and she made me cry.Again I have to say that the number of stars represent how much I enjoy a book and not what great literature I believe it to be. Another great book by Fannie Flagg My dad actually suggested I read this since he had enjoyed it and one of the main characters is involved in the broadcasting industrybut really, that s only a small part of what it s all about A good read for those who like fiction about small town America set earlier in the 20th century If you enjoy this book, don t miss Fannie Flagg s Standing in the Rainbow, which is set in the same town and gives a lot of background on some of the characters. I didn t know that The Whole Town s Talking was part of this series or actually, sort of part of this series.I don t know if it is better to read The Whole Town Is Talkingfirst or to read it at the end of the series I had JUST re re read it so I don t know what to tell youbut when I finish the three books before The Whole Town is Talking I ll be sure to let you know Oops I actually forgot to really review THIS bookI will say that it was a little surprising since this book was a bit depressing and a little frustrating to read The heroine was not the most sympathetic of characters But never fear, it all works out at the end and what an endingI was surprised off of my butt when I found out what was really happening. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with this one The whole mysetery of the book turned out to be shallow and really disturbed me I would ve been happier if Dena s mom was actually a Nazi It would ve made the book a lotinteresting to find out that she was actually a bad guy Not just a black person And not even someone who once upon a time had one black relative What is the big deal Not enough to warrent all the running around and stuff that made Dena s childhood was so upheaveled a word The real mystery made all that secrecy absurd And her accidental suicide at the end was just ridiculous She never meant to commit suicide, but she cut herself on her wrists and was bleeding in the bathtub What Also, the ending was just way too pat for me That Dena ends up married to her previous psychologist who had an undying love for her and would put up with everything and anything and living in her hometown was just boring I did actually like the structure of the book the play between the radio show, the present and the past And I did really enjoy the chapters on the radio show They really helped to give the feel of a small town But I would ve rather seen Flagg take it somewhere Make it relevant to the story itself, not just a device Not enough that Dena lived in the house where the show used to be broadcast from in fact that s a little lame too A nice little story about the life and troubles of Dena Nordstram, an up and coming TV interviewer Flagg writes with a lot of wit and the crux of Dena s problems was completely unexpected by me Very interesting Recommended. (EBOOK) ê Welcome to the World, Baby Girl! ê Welcome To The World, Baby Girlis The Funny, Serious, And Compelling New Novel By Fannie Flagg, Author Of The Beloved Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe And Prize Winning Co Writer Of The Classic MovieOnce Again, Flagg S Humor And Respect And Affection For Her Characters Shine Forth Many Inhabit Small Town Or Suburban America But This Time, Her Heroine Is Urban A Brainy, Beautiful, And Ambitious Rising Star Of S Television Dena Nordstrom, Pride Of The Network, Is A Woman Whose Future Is Full Of Promise, Her Present Rich With Complications, And Her Past Marked By Mystery Yuck I hated everything about this book I made the mistake of taking this as my only reading material on a 12 hour flight to Japan and regretted it I should have known that Fannie Flagg s writing style would not jibe well with me It contains characters that are unappealing and a predictable romantic element Yawn I ve learned my lesson NoFannie Flagg I m marking this as read even though I couldn t force myself to finish it I even skipped to the end because I was marginally curious about the outcome and it was every bit as boring as the beginning Not recommended