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~FREE PDF ☪ When the Crowd Didnt Roar ⚕ The Date Is April , Balti Is Reeling From The Devastating Riots Sparked By The Death In Police Custody Of Twenty Five Year Old African American Freddie Gray Set Against This Grim Backdrop, Less Than Thirty Six Hours After The Worst Rioting Balti Has Seen Since The Assassination Of Martin Luther King In , The Balti Orioles And The Chicago White Sox Take The Field At Camden Yards It Is A Surreal Event They Will Never Forget The Only Major League Game Ever Played Without Fans The Eerily Quiet Stadium Is On Lockdown For Public Safety And Because Police Are Needed Elsewhere To Keep The Tense City From Exploding Anew When The Crowd Didn T Roar Chronicles This Unsettling Contest As Well As The Tragic Events That Led Up To It And The Therapeutic Effect The Game Had On A Troubled City The Story Comes Vividly To Life Through The Eyes Of City Leaders, Activists, Police Officials, And The Media That Covered The Tumultuous Unrest On The Streets Of Balti, As Well As The Ballplayers, Umpires, Managers, And Front Office Personnel Of The Teams That Played In This Singular Game, And The Fans Who Watched It From Behind Locked Gates In Its Own Way, Amid The Uprising And Great Turmoil, Baseball Stopped To Reflect On The Fact That Something Different Was Happening In Balti And Responded To It In An Unprecedented Way, Making This The Unlikeliest And Strangest Game Ever Played A Story of Tragedy and PerseveranceKevin Cowherd s When the Crowd Didn t Roar allows the readers to see into the dangers of the riots in April 2015 On April 29, 2015, the Balti Orioles and Chicago White Sox played the first major league game ever with no fans in the crowd This was because Balti was in the midst of a riot after the death of Freddie Gray Freddie Gray was an African American involved in the drug trade so, the police tackled him in the streets, leaving him with a broken back He died a few days later in police custody This sparked outrage amongst the Balti area Riots and protests erupted causing the police, who were meant to be at the game to monitor the stadium, to be at the riots With no security, the Balti Orioles decided to hold a game with the gates closed, allowing no fans in Overall, I really enjoyed the topics and ideas discussed in the book The telling of how the Orioles played a game without fans is an incredible experience that I would not have known about It was interesting learning about how the Balti riots occurred Kevin Cowherd interviewed players, front office members, coaches, staff, and coordinators to get their first hand experiences of the first major league game played without fans in the stadium The book does use some mature language and based off of a mature topic so, keep that in mind when reading this book The one thing I did not like was how often Cowherd repeated himself Sometimes I felt that it got a bit excessive, but that is my only dislike I recommend this book if you like unique stories. On April 29, 2015, the Balti Orioles and Chicago White Sox played the first major league game in which no spectators were allowed into the ballpark Earlier in the week, two other games between the two teams were postponed for security concerns due to the rioting that was taking place in Balti following the death of an African American in police custody The city of Balti and Major League baseball did decide to have the April 29 game played, but with no fans in attendance so police and other law enforcement officials could concentrate their efforts on the aftermath of the rioting The circumstances of both the game itself and the events that led up to that decision are captured in this excellent book by Balti sportswriter Kevin Cowherd Two characteristics of this book stand out One is that Cowherd takes an explosive issue like the treatment of African Americans by law enforcement and writes about it in a balanced, non judgmental manner He was writing about factual information without inserting his own opinions While the book is considered a baseball book, it is much than that as it is important for the reader to understand the circumstances that called for this unusual atmosphere for the game to be played.As for the game itself, the best parts of the writing about it were about the players This is especially true for Orioles players, especially Adam Jones, who was thrust into the role of the unofficial spokesman for an African American viewpoint from the Orioles Chris Davis and Caleb Joseph are also followed through the game Joseph s actions of pretending to sign autographs for fans is one of the actions taken in order to try to give the game a sense of normalcy but at the same time illustrates the awkwardness the players, umpires and other crew members feel Many times Cowherd describes how much the normal sounds of a game pitches hitting the catcher s mitt, spikes on bases, even the chatter and spitting in the dugout are magnified in this stadium void of fans Through it all, there is some humor thrown in for good measure Cowherd writes about the Orioles television broadcasters, Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer, and what they were saying and doing during this game Like the players, there was some humor attempted a line by Thorne when he was telling a play in a whispered tone that he was using his Masters voice was very funny but it was overshadowed by the enormity of the situation Again, all of this is brought to life by the excellent writing of Cowherd There is one story Cowherd told that captured the spirit of this book, the Orioles and the city A young African American man who wrote a blog about sports from his perspective was provided press credentials for one of the cancelled games But he felt he had to be a part of the no fans game, so using his expired credential, he made his way to the post game press conference of Orioles manager Buck Showalter He asked the manager a question that was unlike the typical press conference question and Showalter didn t back away from the question, but instead gave an answer that made the young man happy Of course, he was discovered and had to leave the conference, but this story is the best of the book because it captures the feelings of everyone involved, regardless of their race or political affiliation For the full details of this story, it is best to read about it in the book as a review cannot do that story justice This book should be read under the knowledge that while it is about an unusual baseball game, it is than just a baseball book The reader will have a much better understanding of what the city of Balti was enduring during that week and how this game both gave the city a small amount of normalcy during a trying time and was a illustration of how grim the situation seemed at that time I wish to thank University of Nebraska Press for providing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.https sportsbookguy.blogspot.com 20 A Remarkable Read Of Tragedy and Hope Kevin Cowherd s When the Crowd Didn t Roar gives readers an eye opening look at the dangerous and hostile times of rioting in April 2015 in Balti, Maryland, following the death of African American Freddie Gray in police custody Cowherd explains how, amidst the hostility, the Balti Orioles the city s Major League Baseball team was forced to play a game against the Chicago White Sox behind locked gates, no fans in the stands, due to the dangerous nature of the riots and the need for law enforcement elsewhere in the city The situation was far too dangerous But, this game gave the the broken city of Balti hope America s greatest pastime baseball provided somewhat of a distraction and relief from the horror that unfolded in days previous This game also came towards the end of the trying time in the city It was almost a signal that the unrest was coming to an end I very much enjoyed reading this book As a diehard Orioles fan, I do recall the day, watching the broadcast of the game Cowherd writes in such a way that readers can come to fathom and understand what went on during such a trying time He uses vivid imagery in order to do so I remember that these riots were very destructive and dangerous, but his writing exemplified just how serious the situation was It is clear to me how much time Cowherd took to write this book He interviewed players, coaches, front office members, stadium staff, coordinators, and others for their first hand accounts of the days of unrest This makes his novel all the better This book is intended for mature audiences, as it discusses a mature topic, and it contains language only appropriate for older audiences If you get the chance baseball fan or not please read this book You will not regret it UNFINISHED REVIEW Kevin Cowherd illuminates both the plight of inner city Baltians and the essence of baseball in When the Crowd Didn t Roar When a city is stripped down due to rioting, a game of baseball is stripped down, as well Cowherd trenchantly addresses the injustices that led to the upheaval after Freddie Grey s death He provides necessary context, history likely unfamiliar to those from out of town Respectfully he presents the strange baseball game that occurred in the midst of the rioting. I was at Camden Yards when they locked the gates, so I was very interested in reading this book Cowherd does a great job of gathering facts, interviews and reports on the days leading up to the riots in Balti and the weeks following I appreciated the variety of people he interviewed and the way he reported, but didn t commentate Readers are left to draw their own conclusions on the racial tension that filled the streets then I learned so many things about the Orioles and the city Great job Kevin Now if we could just bring some much needed restoration to the city and it s many hurting people. This was less of a book and of a long magazine article, which was a bit flawed due to the repetitious writing of the author I found it somewhat interesting because I m familiar with Balti, and I ve been to Camden Yards many times I honestly don t get the subtitle How Baseball s Strangest Game Ever Gave a Broken City Hope It was pretty much a straight up accounting of events with a bit of recent context. I really enjoyed this book I remember the game between the White Sox and Orioles and the obvious fact that NO fans were admitted to the game What I appreciate from the author is taking all the different perspectives of those that were involved in the game I also appreciate all that was covered outside the baseball game A good book that shows sport in society and it connection to what happened in society Once again, I enjoyed the book. This should have been an extended magazine article, not a book Never in my life have I seen an author repeat himself this much Yeah, I got the picture It was weird not to have any fans after Camden Yards was locked down due to the violence surrounding Freddie Gray Did we have to have this reiterated by every single person who was even close to the ballpark on that day Yep, the crowd matters The Orioles won anyway, although I didn t need to hear about every darn batter Freddie Gray WAS a big deal and I wish I d gotten insights into the culture in Balti that was triggered by this terrible event.Great idea for a book just not enough fodder. As a rabid baseball fan and someone who has called Balti home for the past six years and felt the pain along with the rest of the city, this book hit home for me It was extremely well done This book is going to have a special place on my bookshelf I m glad I was able to snag a signed copy.