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Great 2nd instalment I thought I might read something else before reading the 3rd bookNo chance of that I highly recommend this series Book 3 here we go Sometimes the second book in a three book series feels like a waste of time Whom the Gods Hate manages to feel like it s telling a story of its own while still advancing the plot of the overall story arc I m interested in finding out how all the new gods old gods dragons and mortals drama plays out in the final book. `DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⇧ Whom the Gods Hate (God & Mortals, #2) ⇺ Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN BFVCH Naked, Alone And Without Her Memories, Cass Wakes To The Challenge Of Discovering Who She Is And Why A Powerful Evil Is Pursuing Her, Unaware That On The Other Side Of The World Friends She Can No Longer Remember Have Been Braving Terrors Of Their Own For The Last Two Years To Find Her This Is The Second Book In The Of Gods Mortals Trilogy