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Overall I like this series, as the serious and competent yet not OP male MC is a rarity in this genre I do find there to be far too much settlement building exposition in the books which is a level of detail about jerry rigging showers, smokers, etc that I have no interest in reading If that sort of thing floats your boat you will enjoy this than I did, but I still found that this book didn t move the plot along There were two significant occurrences no spoilers in the book One was followed through to its logical conclusion, but the other was left hanging from the middle of the book, not even at the end It s obvious the plan is to explore the latter in a following volume, but a lot of the filler could have been excised and that space used to develop this in this volume and tighten up the story arc If I have to continually skim past 100 pages of how to to get to the meat I will not be following this story much longer. [[ READ DOWNLOAD ]] ⇱ Without Law 3 ⇹ Ex Army Ranger, Connor Tav McTavish Is Used To Fighting Outnumbered And Behind Enemy Lines, But A Confrontation With The Deadly Biker Gang Is Looming, Tav Will Have To Train His Band Of Naive College Girls In Guerrilla Warfare If They Have Any Chance Of Surviving The Assault Disclaimer Without Law Has Adult Scenes Where The Male Protagonist Makes Love To Multiple Women Tav and the Girls Kick ButtSo, book three picks right up where book 2 ended The story is expanding and a much anticipated showdown with the area biker gang finally takes place.The story is solid for the most part, I tend to skip over the adult themes, I don t feel that they add much to the storyline.Plus, I struggle with four women living together, sharing the same man, and everyone gets along great truly high fantasy.The battle scene is well told and each character develops a little , plus neighbors are discovered Without Law 3 is fun, fast paced and entertaining. Becoming a favourite Post Apocalyptic books are not normally on my list of favourites, but these books are just a lot of fun to read Survivalist techniques and preparing to defend your home from a bunch of bikers keen to just mess things up and take what they want, was really entertaining A couple of sex scenes to spice the story up also helped make the book hard to put down I hope Eric gives us like this, and to be honest I have really enjoyed all of his books so far. These are fun books, but I m hoping to see a bit from them going forward Maybe a bit character development, maybe a bit world development, and definitely a lot show don t tell I d rather see how these people are moving through the story through character actions rather than be told about it through dialogue and exposition However, enjoying the books so far Nice easy reads. Another good readAnother good read by Eric Vail, he keeps the plot moving and continues the character development Tav, Rolli and the girls draw you in to watch their development over the series This episode with the culmination of their training and preparation facing down the biker gang Do yourself a favor and start the series from book one of you haven t done so yet If you have, enjoy book 3. Great read Not my typical genre, i typically read fantasy and scifi I started after reading Planet Broker and Succubus Lord That being said this is one of my favorite series It is a well thought out post apocalyptic survival story with a mild harem twist and book three tied up the current story arc very well Can t wait to see book four Great seriesMore post emp fun So time to train and explore The new world is not getting any nicer so the crew must be prepared The harem elements are typical and fun but not over the top Can t wait to see how bad it is on the outside when out crew is done with the local elements Looking forward to More. A read so good you may need a smoke after In so few words Without Law is exquisite You will be hard pressed to find a enjoyable or engaging story than what Mr Vall has created here, the depth of story and characters is amazing, and every entry in the series just gets better Fun to read.Ok the series is very enjoyable to read and I look forward to reading about Tav and the girls The characters are starting to grow and develop into strong characters with interesting backstory that continues to enhance the overall story The pacing of the book was good and the action scenes are fun to read Overall I enjoyed it.