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Not goodMC is very shallow, other characters even worse Plot is simple, MC just waltzes through everything I kept hoping that it would get better but the book ended and I was still bored One star for the rabbit traps tutorial Hated it from the first ten pages I hated the MC Cant do it His other books are much better. [Download Ebook] ⚇ Without Law ⚓ When The World Ended, Former Army Ranger Connor Tav McTavish Thought He D Prepped For Everything He Was Wrong When Roving Gangs Destroy All Semblance Of Law And Order, And The Strong Take What They Want From The Weak, Connor Will Find Himself As The Sole Protector Of An All Girl S College Hidden Away In The Green Mountains Of Vermont Now, His Only Chance At Survival Is To Show Group Female Liberal Arts Snowflakes What A Real Man Can Do, And Turn All Four Of Them Into Survival And Combat Experts Disclaimer This Novel Contains Detailed Sex Scenes Between The Male Protagonist And Multiple Women This reads less like a book and like some guy describing his ultimate fantasy to me in great detail The main character is a Mary Sue who has no flaws, thinks he s god s gift to women, and takes everything given to him as just his due To me, a character has to experience some kind of growth for there to be a story I m sure there are a lot of people who want to read about the ultimate alpha male who is great at everything have absolutely everything handed to him, but I m not one of them.Specific spoiler ish complaints below All 4 of the only women in the world that we know about are gorgeous, not an overweight or even plain faced girl among them, and all of them immediately want him They then conveniently decide to share him, with zero drama Yeah that would happen The only other male in the book that isn t a bad guy biker, is an over the hill neutered male who is there for help with manual labor and to give a wink and a nod to acknowledge the main character s alpha status when he beds all of the women Again, no drama there right The only conflicts that arise exist only to show how amazing the main character is view spoiler Rapists with guns Knife attack Oversized black bear attacks Easily handled by the main character with a knife and a.22 rifle hide spoiler This book is a fun attempt at a post disaster survival style novel It s light hearted, fun to read and overall an enjoyable book Where this book loses points in my mind is in not quite making up its mind in what it wants to be It spends a lot of time going into great detail about the day to day tasks of staying alive, almost to the point where this was a manual than a novel the author has clearly done his research and wants to show it It also sets up a polyamorous fantasy scenario of one man with multiple women and runs with this idea throughout the novel, always hinting that it will eventually go down this route but never really committing There are two scenes that dip their toe into the water, but aren t written with the same creative flair or effort as the rest of the book.I d like to see a sequel either settle on being one or the other Or, if it insists on being both things, then spend an equal amount of time and effort setting up both elements so that expectations can be met Strangely, I think that if you came here looking for a gritty end of the world novel, you d be put off by the sex and teenage girls If you came here for the male fantasy harem element, then you ll be put off by the volume of the end of the world stuff So no one truly wins.However, all that being said I still enjoyed this and can recommend it with my usual caveats about this style of books They re definitely not for everyone If you come for literary perfection, can t see the fun side of adult situations in stories, or can t let reality go for the sake of a fun fantasy, then it s not the book for you. DNF Will come back to this some other time. tl dr Terrible Cartoonish characters, no plot 1 star is free, the other is for the competent grammar.The book starts with the MC coming from the mountains to a deserted city While trying to figure out what is going on he meets a group of 4 girls and a janitor about to be raped He kills the two would be rapists and then we are introduced to the characters Now, so far, we know absolutely nothing about the guy All we know is he was in the mountains, because he is a badass and that s what badasses do they live in mountains Of course he offers to help the girls and the janitor , because he is a badass badasses have nothing better to do with their lives So, when a situation presents itself in which he has to babysit 4 mentally challenged college girls plus a janitor for who knows how long, he takes it Because he is a badass He is a complete stock character It s like the character of a game, really, no backstory, no personality, just one thing he is tough.The other characters are similarly cartoonish There s a blonde, what I think is the author s idea of a sorority girl She is defined by two characteristics, she is dumb and she is a super slut She also can t go one sentence without saying the word like Usually, this by itself would not be enough to make me think it s wrong, but you can t put a character like this in a book and have all the characters around her just not noticing how stupid it is She is such a slut that just as she meets the MC, he s just killed two dudes, there s blood all over his shirt, and as they walk towards their house , I guess, she just takes his arms and presses her breasts onto him Because that s what girls do after they were just about to be raped and witnessed two guys getting killed And the MC is completely OK with this, of course, being the stock character that he is, he is not entitled to a personal opinion on the matter Then there s the bookworm girl She wears glasses, of course, she is skinny and she talks sheepishly towards the floor All the time I won t write about the rest, this is enough to prove my point.Honestly, I feel perhaps I m being a little unfair towards this author, since I haven t really finished the book, but you can t really write this and expect me to read it all the way, can you Perhaps, in a point to which I haven t gotten, the janitor kills the MC , because he was the main character all along, and enslaves all the girls so we can have a nice story without having to read like every other sentence, but I somehow doubt this will happen. Light, yet realistic post apocalyptic taleTale of a stressed soldier returning from his walkabout and finding that something has caused the world to change He finds and saves a small group whilst teaching them about surviving at a small rural college Multiple encounters with an amoral motorcycle gang indicate trouble is on the horizon. Rating 2.0 stars This book failed on so many levels but the main failure was in the execution The idea was a good one In a world without power and society has seemingly failed, a former ranger comes across a group of 4 women struggling to survive He has extensive survival training and helps teach them how to live off the land That s a pretty interesting idea This book was billed as a post apocalyptic harem adventure though It failed at being either one There were also way too many cliche characters that brought nothing to the story The story starts with Tav leaving the woods He was a former ranger and after he got out he needed time to decompress so he spent a year living in the woods When he heads back out into civilization he comes to a small town and finds 2 bikers assaulting 4 women and an older man He ends up killing the bikers and finds out that about 3 months ago the power went out in this place The girls live at a local college and decided to stay over Christmas break instead of going home They have been holed up at the college ever since and just now tried to come down to scavenge food and water view spoiler I have so many problems with this setup First, Tav was living in the woods by himself for a year He walked out of the woods with only a backpack and a knife Who the fuck does that Maybe if he had a wood cabin or something to live in, or had camping gear, or a rifle or something Next, the girls 4 girls and a caretaker was all that was left of at the college Really Who was making the food before the power went out Only 1 caretaker for the entire college Then the power goes out and they do nothing for 3 months, they just stay there I know the premise is that society can fall apart rather quickly in a short period of time, but that quickly There was a small town about 10 miles away Nobody thought to walk 10 miles to figure out what is going on Tav hears this and then say that it probably an EMP that caused the problem and now they need to live off the land to learn how to survive There are millions of people in America Tav was treating this like some kind of zombie Apocalypse which in that case his action might make sense hide spoiler If you smack the hell out of the I Believe button, and ignore all the glaring plot holes you could fly a 747 through, it s not a terrible book The author is talented and writes well his dialogue is easy to follow and you never lose the path of the conversation.This was a meh book from a prolific author that I think may be suffering from too high of a publishing rate This book so badly needs developmental editing There are several areas where the author had a chance to enrich the story with small tidbits of backstory I picked at several weapon discrepancies and misuse of weapon terms Since most of this author s readers within this genre are likely to be 1 male and 2 firearm enthusiasts, making basic firearm mistakes is unforgivable when a simple Google search or better yet a developmental edit with a firearm expert would have answered the author s questions Calling a bolt the lever on a bolt action weapon is an unpardonable mistake when a simple Google search will show you a diagram even in color with proper terminology for all the gun s parts so the author does not make a fool of himself.This book has caused me to doubt if I will purchase another from this author It was meh, and there are other indie author who publish better works that I wish to spend my money on.