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A wonderful heroic journey set in a magical forest with four main characters. After finding the unicorn, the four young heroes on their impossible quest set off to find a Griffin I love the mixture of fantasy and growing up that are intertwined in this journey Even though this is only the second book in the series, the four children have already begun to accept each other for their strengths and flaws the bickering has already almost stopped.Something about this story that I love is the fact that the main characters who bicker and fight are the two boys the girls who, let s be honest are often cast into the bitchy roles towards one another don t have any of these issues Actually they quietly and quickly accept each other from the very beginning.Wolves of the Witchwood, for an adult, is an incredibly easy, breezy and simple read I spent a few nights reading it before bed when I needed to switch off, but was too tired to actually concentrate on anything It s the perfect addition to your shelf for those people who like a quick, easy read Or the perfect addition to a children s shelf. Tom, Quinn, Eleanor and Sebastian are four children being hunted through a forest by Lord Mortlake and his evil bogmen They are on a quest to save their land and must find a griffin, a dragon and a sea serpent.This book is an excellent sequel to Escape from Wolfhaven Castle The pacing is fast and it leaves little time for readers to catch their breath as the protagonists go from one crisis to another This could be read as a stands alone book if the first one cannot be found.Aimed at 10 12 year olds. A great read for primary aged kids This series is very interesting, exciting and filled with magical creatures I can t wait to read the next book I like how the relationships between the four main characters are growing They re learning to respect and appreciate each other, despite very different personalities, strengths, and backgrounds The supporting character Wilda was one of the high points too her motivations were mysterious and kept the reader guessing However, there were some pacing issues which impacted my overall enjoyment. This book is a bit of a long slog from crisis to crisis, narrow escape to narrow escape The writing is good and the characters are also interesting and I m enjoying reading this series to my kids, but the oh, no Another terrible danger storyline might be hard to continue getting through through another five books dragging out the same challenge quest story over the course of five books is also a lot Usually, series like this for children have distinct plot lines quests This series is the same quest task story throughout all the books. This is the second book of The Impossible Quest series The story continues with some interesting characters that help the friends in their quest Once again I believe this is a decent fantasy for a tween or an advanced andmature child reader , though personally I am struggling with wantingdetail as an adult fan of epic fantasies. The second of five parts is another reasonable entry in the series but like other fantasy series I have read it seems like not a lot happens and its a lot of padding it feels like one long chase scene and that can get tired pretty quickly, see how book three goes, but at least it is still engaging. {Free Book} × Wolves of the Witchwood (The Impossible Quest #2) ⚷ Hunted By Lord Mortlake, Tom, Quinn, Elanor And Sabastian Flee For Cover The Unicorn Leads Them Into The Darkness Of The Witchwood, Where They Meet Wilda The Witch Can She Be Trusted Danger Surrounds, But There S No Time To Lose The Four Unlikely Heroes Must Find The Giffin, Dragon And Sea Serpent Before It S Too Late Best Selling, Award Winning Storyteller Kate Forsyth Weaves Battles, Beasts And Bravery In This Epic New Five Book Series I absolutely loved this book I m already looking into how I can use this as a teaching resource in my class next year Kate Forsyth has mastered the use of figurative language and woven it into a damn fine read Well done Kate