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well what can i say i am a realtor and I love referrals but after 30 years of general real estate and everyone loving you you get into projects and developer let everyone down and you lose all your referral base in a 3 year period Back to the basics Love these guys and there positive attitude.. [Download Book] ♖ Work by Referral ☮ You Don T Have To Be In Real Estate Or Lending A Long Time To Realize That Your Business And Life Are Interconnected Naturally, Your Business Can Have A Positive Impact On Your Personal Life, Such As Offering The Potential To Earn A Significant Income And The Ability To Work Flexible Hours But Our Business Also Tends To Be All Consuming, Which Can Quickly Rob Agents And Lenders Of Any Life Outside Of Work Each Circle In The Buffini Company Logo Represents One Of The Five Major Areas Of A Person S Life Spiritual, Family, Business, Financial And Personal Physical And Emotional The Circles Are Joined To Show That One Area Of Life Affects All The Others Buffini Company Is Excited To Share With You The Working By Referral System, Which Takes A Holistic Approach To Operating Your Business So That All Five Circles In Your Life Remain Linked In Harmony More about giving to your clients in order to be successful There are some helpful tidbits but some silly gimmicks as well Take what you like and leave the rest. Excellent way to do business If you re not excellent at providing quality service then you will starve That s a level I feel comfortable competing on. This is a great guide for cultivating referrals in any line of business, not only Real Estate Referrals can be frustrating for sales, but Buffini makes it seem like referrals are just a matter of organizing your social life I m anxious to put some of these theories into practice This is my go to book for managing my business. After being in the real estate game for 4 years I feel I ve found a method that suits me Now I feel like I have a game plan. This book was fantastic I highly recommend it to anyone who is involved in the real estate transaction Honestly, in addition to realtors and mortgage loan officers, other folks who could benefit would be insurance brokers, financial advisors, car salesmen really anyone who would benefit from having a large database of referral sources.You could probably read this book in an hour or two, but I took over 3 weeks to read it so I could focus on making the changes in each chapter 1 or 2 at a time There are SO many tangible ways that you can change your business model RIGHT NOW, which is what I m looking for in a book As soon as I finished reading it, I ordered copies of for my top three referring agents.