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I am a big fan of Rachael s and was really looking forward to her newest book, Working It Out The synopsis sounded fun and it did not disappoint I loved our heroine Grace, I liked to see the changes she went through and how she grew as a character I also liked Seth, I love confident guys Grace and Seth had some great chemistry and fun moments between them I liked how their relationship progressed, totally realistic I like that their attraction for each other didn t overshadow the story they had a lotthings to like about one another than their looks It felt like they were able to build up a friendship from a fun awkward start into a relationship that you can easily believe will last I liked how they brought out the best in each other and how they were willing to make changes and take risks Just a great couple Rachael s stories are always full of witty dialog, charming characters and stories with depth I love that they are positive and upbeat, but always seem to have something special about them Her characters are easy to relate to and it s fun to learn from them This was a fun read, I couldn t put it down once I started and was grateful my kids decided to take long naps today so I could curl up and enjoy the ride This is definitely one I would recommend and one I will be re reading Rachael, when is your next book coming out Content Clean. [[ Kindle ]] ⇯ Working It Out ↟ A Chance Encounter Grace Warren S Life Is Safe And Predictable Exactly The Way She Likes It But When She Gets Roped Into Going To An Auction To Help Out A Friend, Everything Changes She Meets Seth Tuttle A Guy Who Unexpectedly Kisses Her Then Disappears, Leaving Her Flustered And Upset If She Never Sees Him Again, It Will Be Too SoonA Chance For Love Weeks Later, When Seth Limps Into Grace S Rehab Clinic Post Surgery, He S Every Bit As Frustrating And Annoying As She Remembered Yet There S Something About Him That Makes Her Second Guess Her Carefully Placed Boundaries Even Though He S Everything She S Sure She Doesn T Want In A Man But Maybe Seth Is Exactly What Grace Has Needed All Along Assuming She S Willing To Risk Safe And Predictable For A Chance At Love I really enjoy this author She writes some great stories I truly feel like most of the characters in her books could be my friends They are just people I would want to meet.This book really had some serious elements I enjoyed the beginning of the book and laughed out loud a lot I loved her bother s journey through the book and how he truly learned to deal with the fact that he was in a wheel chair I loved the fact that he too found love in this story Slight rant coming I thought Grace and Seth had great chemistry But the last quarter of the book or so, just kind of rubbed me the wrong way It stopped being funny which I think also happened in Rachael s book Luck of the Draw and became too serious I think the fact that Seth was so reckless was something to be worried about I think now of my sweet husband and our four children and I would be terrified if something bad happened to him I also, know that something could happen just walking across the street However, I don t think you increase the odds by doing crazy stunts So with that in mind, I didn t like how it played out between Grace and Seth I think Seth should of gone to Grace right away and be willing to stop being crazy He did come to realize that you can still have adventure with out crazy It just got too heavy for me I don t like thinking about ever losing my spouse or frankly reading a book where I can be reminded that I can Maybe that sounds crazy but I need that happily ever after in a book, because I still believe in it Rant over I still liked the book, had a very hard time putting it down and am so grateful that I read it It just got to serious for me. Grace is pretty predictable She doesn t like to take risks, has a great and stable job, and knows what a guy is like based on his name Seth is completely opposite and is used to being persistent and going after what he wants All of that equals a recipe for disaster I really liked Grace I could understand her heartache and fears and loved how uptight she was at times, especially where Seth was concerned I think most people blame themselves for things that happen in life that are really out of our control and I loved how hard she tried to make things right, even if only in her own mind She really has such a giving heart, but protects it with a thick shell.Seth was crazy I m not a big risk taker and had a hard time relating to that adrenaline rush that he seemed to be in constant need of Of course, that causes him to be very impulsive in his everyday life too, which made the story very interesting I really liked how he could draw out the best in people around him by just being himself That is truly a gift I LOVE this author s stories and this one didn t disappoint I can t wait to see what she has up her sleeve next.Content mild kissing, but otherwise clean. This has to be my favorite Rachel Anderson book yet I loved the characters, the story line and the sweet romance of not just Seth and Grace but another certain cute couple as well It was a nice added touch that we got a little of Alec s story as well Seth was a truly hard character not to love and I liked that he was so down to Earth, honest and good He was everything a good man should be and I have to say, as much as I love a bad boy, it is nice to read about a good boy once in a while too.Grace was thecautious one and for good reason after what happened to her brother and considering the line of work she did I loved that even though she carried around a lot of guilt, she carried around a lot of love too.Ms Anderson has a knack for creating beautiful stories about hope, friendship and love that doesn t have all the drama most books seem to carry about with them these days No, the characters aren t perfect and they have their issues and faults but they are realistic issues and faults and ones that don t come with a lot of angst and unwanted distress and I must say it is a nice and welcome change We all need those loveable characters that melt our hearts, make us laugh, and those happily ever after endings that leave us with a smile on our faces and gladness in our hearts This is truly a perfect uplifting and heart warming read perfect for summer or anytime and I look forward to readingof Ms Anderson s work in the future If I didn t already like her work, this book truly would have sold me on the fact that Anderson is an up and coming name in the romantic comedy genre and one to keep an eye on. I knew before I started reading this book that I would enjoy it I have read a few of Rachael Renee Anderson s books in the past and have not found one that I didn t like.Rachael does a wonderful job of creating characters that are easy to like They seem like real people that you could find living down the street from you Grace is roped into helping out her partner by attending an auction to raise money for underprivileged children The auction is for available bachelors, the women are bidding for a date He has a girlfriend and doesn t want to go out with anyone else, even for a good cause Grace is there to ensure that money goes to charity, and he stays in the good graces of his girlfriend While there, a handsome man bids on her partner and then kisses her.It doesn t take long for her to meet Seth He is a daredevil who loves to enjoy life They meet when he tears his ACL in a skiing trip Seth comes to see Grace as his physical therapist This leads to many funny situations I smiled in many places and chuckled from time to time.My favorite character wasn t one of the main two Her name is Lanna, she is the young lady who runs the center for underprivileged children At first I hoped she and Seth would find a happily ever after together, even thought they have feelings for each other of brother and sister I changed my mind and love the part of the story that Lanna plays.This book is cute and clean. Working it Out is a fast paced clean romance that will leave you smiling I am a big fan of Rachael s book, so I knew this book would be as enjoyable as her other books The characters are fun and unique I really liked getting to know each one Seth was very fun Grace was a doll and I really liked her brother, Alec He brought the perfect amount of conflict not in a bad way and helped me get to know Grace evenWhen it came to Grace and Seth s relationship, I loved the compromises and the give and take that each of them brought to the relationship I thought that was very real. I don t read a lot of romance In fact, I only read it when I am critiquing it Rachael is in my critique group, so I read this And I enjoyed it While not a big romance fan, I do enjoy well written books Rachael is at the top of her form with this Her characters were extremely well drawn Seth, the hero, seemed particularly dimensional to me, something I appreciated It was an enjoyable, compelling story that drew me in and made me care about the characters. 4.5 stars What a fun, quick read I love Rachael Anderson s books so I m glad to say that this one doesn t disappoint Grace and Seth had an interesting first meeting which ended with her storming off and him shrugging it off Grace was at a bachelor auction to bid on her co worker, Cameron, since his fiance couldn t make it Seth showed up and bid a large amount of money on him to help his friend, Lanna Her charity was holding the fundraiser and she refused to allow him to help her financially so he figured this was a way she couldn t turn down his money Grace was upset with him for outbidding her and she questioned why he would be there bidding on a bachelor so he kissed her to prove he wasn t gay.Seth is into extreme sports and gets hurt a couple of weeks later and ends up with Grace as his physical therapist You can read the excerpt from their next meeting below Needless to say, Grace is not thrilled with him being her patient Seth is persistent when he sees something he likes and he decides he likes Grace Their relationship was fun to read and made me laugh a lot Seth is pretty laid back and helps to loosen Grace up He s wealthy and likes to play hard She sserious and part of that has to do with her brother She feels some guilt for something that happened with him years ago and she has to learn to accept the situation and how to handle her brother Seth helps her with that He s good for her but she has some major concerns with the choices he makes with his extreme sports addiction I could relate to how Grace felt and, in her position, think I would have felt the same way They do a good job of balancing each other out he brings out the playful side of her and she brings out the serious side of him I wasn t sure how or even if they would be able to work through the issues that came up This is a fun book with a serious side as well and I highly recommend it Mel s Shelves I ve been waiting FOREVER to get to Working It Out on my review schedule It took ALL the self control I could muster to keep from reading it WAY ahead of time I just love the way that Rachael writes a story and I m always waiting for something new from her Love, love, love.Working It Out starts out with a chance encounter and unexpected kiss That sounds like an awesome start to any book, right Grace has this habit of finding the meanings for everyone s name and sort of judging them by that meaning Yea that my name means beloved friend in French Maybe I would pass muster with Grace When Grace officially meets Seth, she knows just by his name and his obnoxious behavior exactly what kind of man he is Or does she I love the growing relationship that Grace and Seth form Grace has to let her walls down and change the way she thinks Seth has to learn how to see things from others point of view I really enjoyed the depth that Grace s relationship with her brother brought to the story There were some deeper meanings in the struggles all the characters faced and it just felt um, meatier More substantial More satisfying Gee, I sound like I m describing dinner or something Well, if this book is dinner, it is WAY yummy and I want seconds.The dialogue and characters all felt real to me It s one of the gifts Rachael has, I think I loved this sweet romance and I m so glad I got to read it for this blog tour You can pick Working It Out up for a screamin deal right now too 2.99 see links below No questionable content Clean.